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Bug/door/insect Screen/roll Factory

Stainless steel insect screen is higher grade product to prevent from mosquitoes, flies, bugs and pests

for homes, offices, orchards, farms, etc.

Spec of stainless steel insect mesh.jpg

plain weave of ss insect screen mesh

Good ventilation, light tansmitting, anti-mosquitoes, flies and rats.

ss insect mesh.jpg

Good density with small mesh holes

stainless steel mesh.jpg

There are few ways to clean the stainless steel insect screen.

1.Use wet newspapers.

2.Wet the waste newspapers and attache it to the dirty side of the ss insect screen, take it out after few minutes. 

After few times, the window screen will become clean as new one.

3.Spray water onto it by a watering can, then dry it by a towel. 

4.Clean the ss screen for windows or doors by a vacuum cleaner.

5.Use a brush to clean the screen. Easy to operate.

6.Use a wet sponge to clean the stainless steel insect screen for windows and doors.