Security Screen for Windows Manufacturer

Stainless steel security screen of the substitute and higher quality products for windows and doors
2. thief and crime resistant while keeps the mosquitoes, flies, bugs and rats away
3.a better choice for your house

Product Details

Safety Screen for Windows Manufacturer

Also named security screen, security mesh, safety screen, crimesafe screen, bulletproof net, guard against theft window screening.

Security screen is the substitute of normal stainless steel screen mesh as the security screen looks more beautiful with the special 

surface treatment, more durable in life time, easier to clean, and mostly important, security screen is much more safer because 

it's anti-cut, with burglar-resistant lock.

The manufacture process of security screen mesh:

Wire drawing--wire testing--twist roving--roll on bobbins--beam warping--weaving--mesh setting--insepction--mesh leveling cut into pieces--pretreatment and powder coating--ready to ship

Characteristics of security screen:

1. Mesh flat and hard, mesh well-distributed

2. Best impact resistance

3. Electrostatic powder coating, aging resistance, corrosion prevention

4. Anti fire, thief resistant and prevent flies, mosquitoes, rats and snakes, make your home safe

Application of security screen: 

windows and doors of homes and office buildings

Chemical composition of different materials for security screen

Anti-theft security screen, crimesafe screen for windows and doors

Package: export crate package for security screen ready to deliver

export package for security screen

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