Pleated/plisse Insect Mesh Exporter

Pleated insect screen is made from polyester and fiberglass fabrics by blend-weaving, which can keep bugs out and can be folded when not used, more convenient and easier to operate.

Product Details

Plisse/pleated Insect Mesh Exporter


1. Warps and wefts of folding insect screen are made from polyester and fiberglass fabrics by blend-weaving.

2. 100% polyester material.

No distortion in cold or heat, high tenacity and no vulnerability to distortion under stretching. 

Resist mosquitoes, flies, moths, bees while allowing you to enjoy the fresh air.

Technical parameters:

spec of pleated insect mesh.jpg

pleated insect screen

Pleated insect mesh comprison:

pleated insect mesh comparison.jpg

Our pleated insect mesh, is waterproof, oil proof, odourless,and with high density, small mesh holes, 

can prevent the disturb of small bugs, flies, mosquitoes, etc.

The round hole pleated insect mesh is with bigger mesh holes, with odour,can not prevent small bugs 

like mosquitoes.

Plisse and pleated insect mesh package:

inner plastic bag package for plisse insect screen

cartons package for plisse insect screen

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