Patio/porch/pool Door Screens/screening/for Patio/pool Factory

Patio and pool screen ideal for outdoors
2.let you and your family enjoy the good view of outdoors while keeps flies, mosquitoes and bugs away.

Product Details

Patio/porch/pool Door Screens/screening/for Patio/pool Factory

Patio/Porch/pool enclosure screening is made of alkaline vinyl coated polyester or fiberglass yarn, which is used widely for buildings,

porch, patio and pool. This kind of material is economical, durable, good choice for home owners to expand their home space and

reduce damage from hailstones, strom as the porch/patio screen is kind of a protective screen.

Our patio/porch/pool enclosure screen mesh is all made of high quality materials to provide protections from UV and insects while

give you more privacy and safety to enjoy outdoor air, and the pool screen fence adds safety for kids to plan in the yard, and which

will keep the pool much more clean no matter what kind of weather is.

This kind of pool screening is very easy to install and will cost you less, and it can prevent heat and cold in some degree to extend

the swimming time for you to swim at your own yard.

Technical specifications:

Mesh Sizes: 18x14, 17x13, 17x20, 16x14, etc., if you want the mesh looks dense, please choose the bigger mesh size.

Width: 60-300mm, Length: 10-300m, Weight: 150-500g/㎡, Color: grey, black or customized


1.UV-resistant, let you enjoy the fresh air of outdoor without the sun burn

2.with high tensile strength, good bending strength, dust-resistant, fire-resistant,

heat and cold resistant, mildew and moth resistant easy to clean

3.keeps bugs, flies, mosquitoes away

4.good privacy for you to enjoy outdoor life

5.add safety for your home and with longer service life

Types of pool enclosures:

1.Low pool enclosure

It is just a little higher than the pool, which is most economical one

2.Middle high pool enclosure

It is higher than the low one, lower than the high one, low enought to enjoy a good view, which is cost effective as well.

3.High pool screen enclosure

It makes an outdoor room for you to enjoy your swimming with very good privacy.

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