China Perforated Sheet And Metal Mesh

China Perforated Sheet And Metal Mesh
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Perforated metal mesh is punching different holes on different materials.


Material: stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, low carbon steel plate, galvanized plate, cold and hot rolling plate, copper plate, etc.


Types: pattern perforated mesh, modeling perforated mesh, thin perforated mesh, line cut perforated mesh, laser perforated mesh, etc.


Holes types: square hole, rectangle hole, hexagonal hole, rhombus hole, round hole, triangle hole, slotted hole, stars holes, etc.



1. Rolling plate thickness: 0.2mm-1mm, length: up to 20m, hole diameter: 1.5mm-10mm

2. Sheet thickness: 0.2mm-20mm, width: up to 1.5m, length: up to 5m, hole diameter: 0.5mm-200mm.


 aluminum perforated mesh.jpg

perforated metal plate.jpg

perforated mesh plate application.jpg

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