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Why stainless steel insect screen also can rust

Apr 04, 2017

When stainless steel insect mesh have rust spots, people always will be very surprised because many people

think stainless steel can not be rusted.

They always thought there should be some problems of the stainless steel material manufacturer supplied.

But this is a wrong opinion as stainless steel can be rusted in some circumstances.

  1. There are some particles attachements of dust with other metal elements and other different kinds of metal on the surface of the stainless steel, while in the moisture air, these attachments and the condensated water of stainless steel come into electrochemical reaction, the protection film layer of the stainless steel destroyed by them, which names electrochemical corrosion.

  2. When there are organic juice attached on the surface of stainless steel like vegetable juice, fruit juice, under the circumstance of water oxygen, organic acid will appear, which will corrode the surface of  stainless steel in a long time.

  3. Sour, alkali and salty substances will cause corrosion.

  4. In the polluted air circumstances, like sulfide, carbon oxide, nitric oxide atmosphere run into condensated water, will become vitriol, nitric acid, acetic acid solution.

Solutions to above problems.

  1. clean the surface of stainless steel insect screen regularly

  2. use ss316 to substitute ss304 material for seaside regions.

  3. choose reputated and qualified supplier to guarantee the good material used.

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