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Specifications of patio enclosure screen

Aug 22, 2017

Specifications of patio enclosure screen

Patio screen, pool screen, porch screen is made of polyester or fiberglass, with ethylene resin coating.
With High tensile strength, long service life and high resistance to bending, flame, heat and cold, easy to clean. Keep flying pests like bees, moths, mosquitoes and flies out with good ventilation.
It is designed for swimming pools, patios, porches panels, balcony and sunroom enclosures, etc.

Material: PVC coated fiberglass yarn
Mesh/inch: 18x14, 17x13, etc.
Yarn Diameter: 0.33mm/0.013”
Weaving: plain weaving
Width: 60-300cm/18”-118”
Length: 10m-300m/30’-1000’
Weight: 150g-170g/㎡
Color: Grey, Black, Charcoal, etc.
Package: one roll one plastic bag, 10 rolls per woven poly bag or carton.
Materials for pet-resistant screen can also used for patio and pool screen.

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