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plisse and pleated insect mesh

Aug 08, 2017

Plisse and pleated insect mesh

Pleated insect screen, also named plisse insect screen, folding screen is made of 100% polyester or

blended fiberglass and polyester fabrics.

The pleated insect mesh is insect screen folded like accordion.

Open style: Mainly manual.

Open direction: horizontal, vertical and half open.

No distortion in cold or heat, high tenacity and no vulnerability to distortion under stretching.

Resist mosquitoes, flies, moths, bees while allowing you to enjoy the fresh air.


Mesh: 18x16, 17x16

Width: 60-300mm.

Folding height: 15-20mm.

Length: 12.5-30m.

Color: grey and black.

Package: cartons with inner plastic bags

pleated and plisse screen.jpg

pleated window screen  evergrow.jpg