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How to make magnetic strip insect screen

Aug 15, 2017

How to make magnetic strip insect screen?

I.Materials required ro make magnetic insect screen:

4 PVC triangles, 2 clips, one piece of fiberglass insect screen mesh, 4 strips with different lengths(back adhesive strip, slot magnetic strip, PVC strips)

materials for magnetic insect screen.jpg

II.Steps to make magnetic insect screen?

  1. Measure and make the frame

    frame of magnetic insect screen.jpg

  2. Put the fiberglass insect mesh into the frame

    put the fiberglass insect mesh in.jpg

  3. Cut down the extra fiberglass mesh

    cut down the extra fiberglass insect mesh.jpg

  4. Put the clips on to the insect screen frames' suitable place

    put the clip onto the insect screen.jpg

  5. Install the insect screen onto the windows

    put the insect screen onto the windows.jpg

  6. Finish 

    finish the insect screen installation.jpg

    For specifications of fiberglass insect screen, please go to our product page http://www.evergrowinsectscreen.com/fiberglass-insect-screen/fiberglass-insect-screen-mesh.html .