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How to identify good and bad fiberglass insect mesh

Jun 09, 2017

How to identify good and bad fiberglass insect mesh

  1. The price of worst fiberglass insect mesh is between USD0.15 to USD0.26.

    The fiber wire is usually made of recycled glass from beer bottles, manufacturing technique is clay crucible wire drawing, which is prohibited by government, the coating is also not alkaline emulsion. 

    From the apperance, it looks rough, sold by rolls, always will give short length, short weight, and easy to fracture, easy to hurt the skin. 

    This kind of fabric mesh will lost strength after about two months. If knocking off the emulsion, the wire will become into powder after grinding lightly by hands.

  2. Another type is made of blended yarn, which is a better fake product, but the yarn diameter is usually thiner, which can not reach the normal requirements.

  3. The real fiberglass insect mesh is made of PVC coated fiberglass yarn, the PVC coating is 65%, and with top quality fiberglass yarn inside. 

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