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How to DIY insect screen

Apr 27, 2017

How to DIY insect screen

materials needed: PVC strip, adhesive tape, one piece of insect screen mesh , 2 clips, 4 corner tools and 

1 scissor.

  1. make the frame of the insect screen.

    use two pieces of PVC strip to make the insect screen frame. The height PVC strip should be 3-4cm longer then the window inner size, the width PVC strip should be 1cm longer than the window inner size.

  2. Put the insect screen mesh into the frame.

    use the adhesive tape to put the mesh into the groove of the PVC strip.

  3. Cut the left insect screen mesh off.

  4. Put the finished insect screen onto the window.

  5. Take down the insect screen, put the clips on the location of 1/3 height of the window, which will longer the insect screen life.

Before the installation, please make the window frame clean and dry.

DIY insect screen

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