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Do the insect screen mesh need to be replaced annually

May 25, 2017

Insect screen is the necessary and best items to keep bugs and flies out of your room.

After one year's usage, there are a lot of dust and dirt attached on it, which will be the breeding ground of all kinds of bacteria.

In the summer, insect screen is the direct shield/barrier for the room. Its clean condition will affect the air quality of the room directly. 

So it's the best choice to replace your insect mesh annually.

But if you do not want to replace, it's also acceptable because the good quality fiberglass insect mesh is very durable(which can be used for 5-10 years).

So the best choice for not replacing it is to clean the insect screen throughly, which is also very easy to operate. You can read our previous artilces about how to clean the insect screen.

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