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Different kinds of flyscreen and insect screen

Nov 17, 2017

Different kinds of flyscreen and insect screen

Flyscreen, same as insect screen, there are many kinds of flyscreens like fiberglass flyscreen, aluminum flyscreen, stainless steel flyscreen, patio and pool flyscreen, pleated flyscreen, security flyscreen, etc.

Different materials flyscreens have different characteristic.

Fiberglass flyscreen is made of PVC coated fiberglass, which is the most common and ecomonical type among all types of flyscreens.

Aluminum flyscreen is made of aluminum wire, which is in light weight and soft, anti-corrosion, compared to stainless steel flyscreen.

Stainless steel flyscreen is made of stainless steel wire, 304 and 316 steel grade are the two common types, 316 is with better anti-corrosion performance than 304.

Security screen is also named as crimesafe screen, common wire diameter is 0.8mm, which is much more stronger than normal flyscreen, with high impact strength, anti-thief and burglar.

Pleated flyscreen, plisse flyscreen, is made of folded/pleated fiberglass mesh, which can decorate your room and prevent flies and insects.

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