Fiberglass Faric For Thermal Insulation Supplier

Fiberglass Faric For Thermal Insulation Supplier
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Product Details

Fiberglass fabric, fiberglass cloth is woven by middle alkali or alkali-free fiberglass yarn or C-glass and E-glass woven fabric, and coated by anti-alkali high molecular emulsion.


Main applications are as follows:

1.    reinforcement material for walls

2.    reinforced cementing products

3.    Mosaics and granite meshes, marble back mesh

4.    water-proof roll fabric, water-proof asphalt roofing

5.    framework materials for reinforced plastic and rubber products

6.    fire-resistant plate

7.    grinding wheel base fabric

8.    geogrid for roads

9.    sealing tape for constructions, buildings, etc.

Product Specifications:

fiberglass fabric spec.png

fiberglass insulation cloth_logo.jpg

GRC fiberglass mesh application.png

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