retractable/insect screening/mesh/screen for door/windows manufacturer

Fiberglass insect screen
1.popular for daily life
2.keeps mosquito, flies, bugs, rats away
3.makes your life better

Product Details

Fiberglass insect mesh is made of PVC coating fiberglass yarn after the production process of PVC coating, plain weaving, heating and fixing.

Material PVC coated fiberglass yarn
Weaving type Plain weaving
Diameter 20-305cm
Length up to 1000m
Mesh size 18x16, 18x14, 17x15, 17x16, 16x16, 16x14, 17x19, 20x20, etc.
PVC coating 65%
Standard normal, RoHS, REACH
Color White, Black, Grey/Charcoal, Green, Yellow, etc.
Package one roll one plastic bag, 10 rolls per woven bag or carton


1.Longer operating life. The fiberglass insect mesh is with good weather-resistant performance, aging-resistant, cold proof, hot proof, anti-dry, anti-moisture, electrostatic prevention, good transmittance, non-deformation, UV-resistant, high tensile strength.

2.It can be widely used for wood, steel, aluminum and PVC windows, doors.

3.The fiberglass insect mesh is Non-toxic, smelless.

4.Electrostatic prevention, ash-free and with good ventilation.

What is mesh size?

Mesh size usually means the hole quantities of one inch(25.4mm) size in the mesh product industry.

The bigger mesh size is, the holes will be more in quantity per inch, and the product shows more density.
The smaller mesh size is, the holes will be less in quantity per inch, and the product shows more sparse.
For example, 18x16 mesh means there are 18 holes in warp, 16 holes in weft per inch(25.4mm), which is 

a little bit more dense than 17x15 mesh.

weave type of fiberglass mesh

Production process of fiberglass insect mesh

Wire drawing--twist roving--PVC coating--drying--roll on bobbins--beam warping--weaving--heating setting

--inspection--packaging--ready to ship

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