Insect/tuff Screen/mesh Manufacturer

Aluminum insect screen
1.made of high qualified aluminum
2.which is material can recycling, so it's good for environment.

Product Details

Insect/tuff Screen/mesh Manufacturer

Aluminum insect screen, aluminum mesh is made of high quality aluminum wire, which is environmental-friendly

as the aluminum wire can be recycled.  

It is acid and alkali resistant, anti-corrosive, high temperature resistant, anti rust forever, etc.

The aluminum mesh is widely used in office buildings, home decoration, doors and windows and corridors, especially

popular in European and US markets.

Aluminum tuff mesh is for aluminum mesh with surface paiting indiameter bigger than 0.40mm, usually it is 0.43mm, 

0.46mm and 14x14 mesh, etc., which is often used for doors or machinery protection. 

Technical Specifications:

spec of aluminum insect screen.jpg

Characteristics of aluminum mesh:

  1. Rats proof. It is with high tensile strength, can avoid the clean problems caused by rats.

  2. Prevent mosquitoes and flies.

  3. Fire-resistant, high temperature resistant. 

  4. Good ventilation and light transmit.

plain weave of aluminum insect screen

Chemical composition of aluminum mesh:

chemical composition of aluminum mesh.jpg

Aluminum mesh(0.22mm diameter) roll is finished in curl edge.

aluminum insect screening.jpg

Export package for aluminum mesh:

inner kraft package for each roll

inner kraft for aluminum insect screen

aluminum mesh packed into cartons, one roll per carton

and finally packed into pallet finally, easy to load and unload.

carton package for aluminum insect mesh.jpg